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Whether you’re looking for vacuum cleaner repair, vacuum cleaner service, or vacuum cleaner maintenance, Vacuums of Jacksonville can help. We’re your best, most-trusted option for fast, easy local vacuum cleaner repair in the Jacksonville Florida area, and maintenance of your vacuum cleaner, or central vacuum. Whether you need vacuum cleaner leak repair, vacuum cleaner pump repair, vacuum cleaner hose repair, or vacuum cleaner motor repair, our team of vacuum technicians is the best in the business. Our vacuum cleaner repair technicians are highly trained, licensed, vetted, local, and guaranteed to help fix all of your vacuum cleaner repair needs. If your vacuum cleaner is running poorly or not running at all, we can fix it.

For customers with complex vacuum issues or repair estimates that aren’t economical, we’re happy to offer cash trade-in value – so you can upgrade to a new vacuum at a fraction of the regular cost.

Vacuum Brands of jacksonville

The vacuum cleaner repair team at Vacuums of Jacksonville provides top-notch professional repair of all vacuum brands and models. Regardless of whether you have an upright vacuum, canister vacuum, cordless vacuum, or other, we have the knowledge to provide complete and thorough repair. And it doesn’t matter if your vacuum is a year old or decades old, we will find the parts to get your vacuum running like new again. Even with the incredible technology and durability of today’s vacuums, it’s a fact of life that occasional issues may arise over time. If time and wear have caused an issue with your vacuum, our knowledgeable Vacuums of Jacksonville staff located at 11111 San Jose Blvd, and at 3944 3rd Street South is here to help get you back to cleaning in a quick and affordable way.

What are some signs that you need vacuum service?

Our experienced vacuum service technicians can diagnose any problems and service your current vacuum, regardless of the brand or model.

Get a vacuum tune-up with Vacuums of Jacksonville!

Regular vacuum tune-ups extend the life of the vacuum, preventing breakdowns or early failure. When your vacuum is tuned-up, our technicians look for potential problems, so they can solve them before they occur. If you let a small mechanical problem go, that small problem can destroy your machine and cost you extra for repairs or replacement.

Clean Essential Vacuum Components

Cleaning the roller brush.
Cleaning the housing and base plate.
Cleaning the inside of the outer bag and bag dock.

Check Core Components for Function

Checking the drive belt for damage.
Checking the roller brush bearings for wear.
Checking all electrical connections.

Replace Worn Components

Replacing worn or damaged seals.
Replacing the inner bag.
Replacing any other worn parts.

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Don’t spend another day dealing with a vacuum that’s broken or performs poorly. Contact us today to get a fast, free vacuum cleaner repair quote. Just give us a call during regular business hours at our San Jose Blvd Location (904) 880-0702 and our 3rd Street South Location (904) 247-8780 or complete the simple form below at anytime. We’ll get back to you as quickly as possible, to ensure that your vacuum is back to like-new performance as soon as possible.

Don’t want to wait? No problem! Just bring your vacuum to our showroom either of our showrooms. We’re often able to diagnose your vacuum on the spot and provide complete repair in just hours.


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